I’m Melissa

And I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m a mama to half dozen kiddos. Married for 25 years to a great guy who makes dinner.  I’m an essential oil diffusing, Jesus-loving gal who just happened to say ‘yes’ to a doTERRA business, ‘no’ to fear and built a multi-million dollar team all over the globe from my laptop. With zero experience at any of it! I love bulletproof coffee, a cozy cardi, a new planner and a nice glass of red wine. 

I’ve been married pretty much forever to one awesome guy and had 6 babies with him. From ages to 11 to 22, yes, that means mostly teenagers. Hence the wine and the praying.

I am obsessed with natural things and empowering moms to take care of themselves and their families with natural solutions.

I’m also passionate about helping moms become their best selves through personal development and business coaching within a doTERRA business. Keep reading to hear the whole shabang….

My Story

The curvy, winding road that led me here

After meeting my husband and graduating from college, I jumped into a career in writing, PR and planning special events. We lived the big city life for a few years and then decided to move out west and open a restaurant. It was a learning experience that we needed to guide us into the next season of entrepreneur life. I started having babies and then we closed up the little cafe. I lived the stay-at-home mom life while my husband grew a thriving real estate business.

I love being a mama

I loved motherhood, but my strengths and gifts were always looking for an opportunity to seep out into the world beyond my home. Over the years, I put my leadership talents to use volunteering within my church. I started and led a homeschool group from scratch. I began writing and blogging about all of it and felt something come to life in me that I hadn’t experienced in years. I wondered if there was something more for me that didn’t revolve around my kids. 

After homeschooling for a decade, I found myself running on empty physically. I had no energy and developed an autoimmune condition. Mentally I was overwhelmed and unmotivated. I had lost my passion for being both mom and teacher for my kids. I prayed for an answer.

God gave a big loud answer on the other side of the country. It was on this wing and a prayer, we moved our family of eight across the country to Bozeman, Montana and put the kids in public schools. I could finally take a deep breathe. I was finally going to get to pursue my passion of writing and blogging.

Or so it seemed, but God had a really big surprise in his back pocket for me.

That moment everything changed

My neighbor invited me to her first doTERRA essential oil class. I had heard these were the best essential oils out there, but why would I even need essential oils?

Thirty minutes in, I had an amazing experience and a disappearing sore throat. My skeptical self got the proof I needed AND scientific answers to why these oils work for so much more than just some good smells. Excitement started brewing.

I had a feeling that something was about to change for me

 The gal who taught the class was just a regular mom. My neighbor was about to start sharing the oils as a business and I felt a nudge from God. I started praying THAT DAY to see if this was something I was supposed to do. Even though I had no network in my new town, even though I am an introvert, even though I lacked so many skillsets and starting a business scared the crap out of me, I said YES before the week was over.

My passion to empower other moms took me from one person to the next simply teaching them how easy, safe and effective doTERRA essential oils are. Not only did I keep hearing feedback that these oils were working and solving people’s problems, but my business thrived. My goals and dreams grew little by little.

This stay-at-home mama became an entrepreneur after 40!

Fast forward 7 years later, and I almost can’t recognize my life. I’ve grown so much! Personally, the fears and lack of confidence I used to think were ‘just me’ have been replaced with brave self-assurance. I’ve grown into a better me. My mindset expanded and shifted to make room for so much possibility. This journey has made me a better mom and wife and friend. I’m using the gifts and strengths God gave me and being my authentic self as I help others do the same. And I’m having the best time of my life doing it!

Growing Freedom

My business has blossomed right alongside my personal transformation. My team has grown to over 46,000 families and I’ve achieved Blue Diamond, one of the top ranks in doTERRA’s Leadership. What started as a little gig to help contribute to my family’s income and ease my husband’s stress has now provided a multiple six-figure income that could retire my hubs if he didn’t love his real estate biz so much. It’s also helped so many other moms build a business they love that works around their schedule.

 I teach and mentor women who are yearning for a change. Moms who want freedom and empowerment, women who believe there is something more than the daily grind and mainstream solutions. I help mom’s use essential oils to grow into their happiest, healthiest self. And some of them are ready for a brave journey to financial freedom too. 


I lead moms to live healthy, happy & free.

Are you ready?

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