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Here’s some FAQs

Why doTERRA?

I fell in love with these oils because they worked. For me and my family. And soon I was sharing them with everyone and hearing their results too. There’s science behind them if that’s what you’re into, but as a mama with an English degree, I’m all about doing what works. But it makes me so happy to know I’ve partnered with a company of the integrity, quality and vision that doTERRA possesses. 

How do I setup my Wholesale Membership?

It’s easy peasy. Hop over to my Essential Oils page and pick a starter kit. Need help picking the best oils for you? Then schedule a call and I can help you customize a kit that fits your needs and budget. Once you get started with a kit (which includes your Wholesale Customer Membership, you’ll get all the perks and benefits that come with it, both from doTERRA and from me. 

What if I’m already enrolled?

Happy to have you here to read and learn, but if you’re already working with another Wellness Advocate, that’s who you’ll want to work with for both essential oil support and business mentoring. 

Can we work together?

Yes! If you need oils, get your kit and then I will connect and schedule your Membership Overview. If you’d like to learn how to earn an income with doTERRA and join my team, read more HERE.

Speaking & Coaching Inquiries

I love helping people grow! While most of my time is for my personal doTERRA team, I do have some limited availability for one-on-one/small group coaching and speaking on topics related to establishing healthy habits, adopting a growth mindset, time management, breaking through limiting beliefs, building success habits and more. Please contact me with specifics and we’ll go from there.