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doterra healthy start essential oil kit
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Healthy Start Kit $160

The Healthy Start Kit comes with 10 foundational essential oils and the cutest diffuser–the Pebble. This kit comes with small bottles of these doTERRA essential oils and blends:

  • Lavender 5ml
  • Lemon 5ml
  • Peppermint 5ml
  • Tea Tree 5ml
  • Oregano 5ml
  • Frankincense 5ml
  • Deep Blue 5ml
  • Breathe 5ml
  • On Guard 5ml
  • DigestZen 5ml

A great budget-friendly start! Order yours today!

Home Essentials Kit $270

The Home Essentials Kit also comes with the 10 foundational essential oils, but big bottles that are 3x the size of bottles in the Healthy Start Kit, except for the Deep Blue. Plus you’ll get the sleek Laluz diffuser. The  doTERRA essential oils and blends included are:

  • Lavender 15ml
  • Lemon 15ml
  • Peppermint 15ml
  • Tea Tree 15ml
  • Oregano 15ml
  • Frankincense 15ml
  • Deep Blue 5ml
  • Breathe 15ml
  • On Guard 15ml
  • DigestZen 15ml

Big bottles + big savings=savvy beginnings! Order HERE!

Natural Solutions Kit $450

The Natural Solutions Kit is THE place to start if you’re ready to transform your health and jump all into a wellness lifestyle. Not only will you get all the oils + products listed below, but you’ll get access to me and loads of on-demand wellness education on how to use every single item in your kit. This kit includes:

  • Lavender 15 ml

  • Lemon 15 ml

  • Peppermint 15 ml

  • Tea Tree 15 ml

  • Oregano 15 ml

  • Frankincense 15 ml

  • Deep Blue  5 ml

  • Breathe 15 ml

  • On Guard 15 ml

  • DigestZen 15 ml

  • Laluz Diffuser

  • Serenity 5 ml

  • Adaptiv 5 ml

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil 30 ml

  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements

  • TerraZyme Supplement

  • PB Assist

  • Breathe Vapor Stick

  • Deep Blue Stick

  • On Guard Whitening Toothpaste

  • Correct-X Essential Ointment

  • On Guard Sanitizer Mist

  • On Guard + Softgels

  • Wooden Box (holds 25 oils)

Lots of oils + supplements = huge savings without any FOMO! Order HERE!


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By joining with me, you’ll get access to exclusive wellness education, private online community & a welcome gift. Plus a 60-minute personal consultation with me via phone or Zoom to help you get started using your kit with confidence.