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Jump in with Top 10 oils + diffuser • $164.25

A great price point kit with 5 ml bottles of the most used oils and blends to help boost immunity, green cleaning, sleep, sore muscles and of course, my fave, Frankincense. And the Pebble diffuser!

The best kit to makeover all the things • $485

This kit gives you quite the collection of oils, plus my very favorite doTERRA supplements, Deep Blue Rub, first aid and several immune boosting On Guard products. And the lovely La Luz diffuser!

Make it smell SO good! • $149.50

This is a powerful kit! Not only do you get the Top Ten oils in the big 15 ml bottles, but you’ll also get several products to transform the way you clean your home & your hair, teeth and hands. Plus the adorable Brevi diffuser!

Simple way to begin • $109.23

This minimalistic kit is a great starting point for the skeptic or budget minded. You’ll get 4 products––Deep Blue Rub, plus 15 ml bottles of Lemon, On Guard and Serenity with a mini carrier oils. You can also use this kit as the foundation to include your wholesale membership and add more products on a la carte from there.

Makeover so many areas • $253.25

This kit helps you jump right into a healthy habits from the inside out. You’ll get wellness supplementation to boost energy, digestion and give your body the nutrients and support it needs, plus 5 essential oils for immune, mood & sleep support. And Deep Blue Rub.

Healthy habits on the inside • $199.25

This kit helps you jump right into a healthy habits from the inside out. You’ll get wellness supplementation to boost energy, digestion and give your body the nutrients it needs, plus 5 essential oils + carrier for immune, mood & sleep support, plus Deep Blue Rub.

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Are you ready to get started, but don’t see a kit that fits your needs? Let’s schedule a call and I will help create a customized kit for you. 

Learn the basics

What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?

How To Get Started with doTERRA

I recommend beginning with a Starter Kit which includes your Wholesale Membership (kinda like Costco without the long lines). There’s a kit for every budget and you’ll save 25% off retail whenever you order. There’s no monthly orders required and no selling stuff.  Just get started as a Wholesale Customer. Each of the Starter Kits below INCLUDE your wholesale membership and offer savings over purchasing things individually. Plus you’ll get special perks from me offered to customers on my team!

Of course, there’s great perks if you choose to order monthly (hello free oils!!!). If you decide you want to build a business and create residual income, then we can talk, but I won’t be twisting your arm. I’m all about educating you on how to use your oils and pursue a lifestyle of wellness for you and your fam. Here are the kits I recommend starting with….

There’s a reason so many moms love doTERRA—the oils works and you’ll be empowered you to take care of your family with pennies-per-drop solutions. You can makeover any area of your life with these simple, healthy solutions.

“But wait, I don’t know anything about essential oils!” Sis, don’t worry about what you’ll do with them—I’ve got help & resources for you every step of the way. I didn’t know a thing when I started either. But after 7 years learning so much along the way, I only wished I started sooner. 

These are the most tested, most trusted essential oils out there; the gold standard! You’ll wonder what you ever did before doTERRA?

Natural solutions can solve as many problems as you want. You are in the drivers seat and can pick which areas you want to makeover….your health, your mood, your home, your family’s health, your cleaning cabinet. You decide—do you want to start with some easy solutions for a few things, like sleeping better, stressing less, maybe a specific health issue or a green cleaning

makeover? Or maybe you’re ready to completely transform everything from healthcare to homemaking and food to mood. Start big or start small, but just start soon so you can see results.

You can geek out on the science if that’s your thing, but just know there are lots of really good reasons you’ll find yourself reaching for your oils. Here’s a short video explaining what essential oils are and why doTERRA’s are the best.

Not sure where to start?

Let me help you decide on the kit that will solve the most problems and fit your budget.

By joining with me, you’ll get access to exclusive education, community & perks. Plus a 60-minute personal consultation with me to help you get started using your kit with confidence.