I do the exact same thing every night without fail. No matter what time I get into bed, this super easy habit cues my brain that it’s time for sleep. This bedtime ritual is almost too simple to even be called a ritual, but it sets the stage for a good night’s rest and helps my body release the tightness from my muscles. 

Here’s what I do: Just before I climb into bed (but after I’ve plugged my phone in for the night), I stand with my legs a little more than shoulder width apart. I grab my Lavender from my nightstand and do a deep stretch to touch my toes. While I’m down there stretching my tired legs and taking a few deep breaths, I rub the Lavender on the bottoms of my big toe. It’s the reflex point for the brain and the perfect place to start for calming my mind before bed. I keep stretching for about 45 seconds and then I’m done. I apply more lavender to my wrists and the back of my neck and I’m ready to climb into bed. 

This is one of those habits that is too easy to skip and that’s what makes it stick. Taking just one minute ensures I sleep a tight 8 hours. Got a minute to spare?


The power of Lavender

  • Calming to mind, emotions and body
  • Soothing to the skin for things like bug bites, irritation and redness
  • Too much sun? Lavender to the rescue. 
  • This is the first oil I turn to for sleep
  • Relaxing in any blend or diffuser
  • Emotionally, this is the oil of communication and calm, encouraging emotional honesty. 
  • This single oil can be used Aromatically, Topically & Internally.
  • If you’ve not yet gotten started with your own starter set of oils yet, Lavender is included in several starter kits, like the AromaTouch Diffused Starter Kit and the Home Essentials Starter Kit.