I hate to cook.

There, I said it. You can love me a little more for admitting it, or judge me all day long, it won’t change that making dinner is not my zone of genius. I think I have dinner dyslexia. Is that a thing?

Well, the good Lord in his wisdom knew this and gave me this great guy so my children and I wouldn’t starve. He could be on an episode of Chopped with a basket of nonsense and make a 5 star meal.


So when it comes to using our doTERRA oils in the kitchen, he really knows his stuff. He has his own little man-cave bar with oils too, but that’s another blog post.

He knows oils bring the right pop of fresh flavor to food, but what I love is that so often they make up for the ingredients I forgot to buy at the store.

No cilantro; no problem.

No limes to zest, no worries.

Who even needs to buy fresh ginger when you’ve got doTERRA?

We got you covered, says my doTERRA drawer.

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